Our Volunteers

About Essex SAR

Essex SAR was established in October 2002 to provide a pool of trained volunteers ready to assist the Police searching for missing vulnerable persons (children, despondents, dementia sufferers, diabetics, etc.), primarily within the County of Essex.

Our searches may be carried out in urban areas, including searches of open spaces, car parks, recreation grounds, etc. or in the countryside, on open land, fields or in wooded areas. We can be called upon at any time of the day or night, whatever the weather.

Essex SAR is one of many Lowland Search and Rescue units which exist countrywide. Like our sister organisations we are affiliated to our national body Lowland Rescue who are responsible for co-ordinating the various groups and setting the standards to which we must adhere. Occasionally we may be asked to assist neighbouring Lowland Rescue groups; we can also ask them for help if required.

Essex SAR is a registered charity and is funded entirely through voluntary donations and contributions. As well as funding the training of searchers and search management capability, these donations also pay for all the equipment needed for the team to fully self sufficient in our role such as a control vehicle, mapping, GPS, communications, and first aid equipment.

Registered Charity No. 1096661