Meet MATT!

Matt is in charge of Essex SAR Operations – in a nutshell, Matt is the Search Manager who receives the calls from Essex Police, discusses deployments and formulates the search plan, and sends out the STAND BY, CALLOUT & STAND DOWN messages – anytime of day or night!

Day job – I’m a chartered surveyor
Time with Essex SAR – 15 years
Why did I join? – I was looking to volunteer in a way that I could use my existing outdoor skills. Plus, I made the mistake of stopping to talk to the team during a street collection in Chelmsford! (& never got away!!!)

Best moment – any time we find the missing person

Specialist Sections – mountain bike and water teams. A member of the Committee and Training group.

Would I recommend EssexSAR? – wholeheartedly, it can be hard, tiring, and frustrating, but it is all worth it when you find the missing person and return them to their family. It is a way of putting something vital back into the community.