Works in Local Government

Joined Essex SAR in 2014, as liked to think that if a member of his family went missing, there’d be a bunch of dedicated, well trained rescue professionals out there looking for them.

Highlights so far…. Being part of the team that located a vulnerable, unwell man laying in remote woods at night, & then working with police & ambulance services to get him to safety. If we hadn’t been there, it would have been a very different story! Everyone is good natured, & like the great team banter!

Member of: Water Team, & on my journey to become a Search Manager

Q: Would you recommend Essex SAR to others? A: Definitely. You need to be fully committed & have the support of your family; the sense of achievement though is enormous. The pay isn’t great though – ha ha!

Q: Claim to fame? A: Along with my brother I won the Birdman of Bognor competition in 2013. We built a giant Vespa scooter and ‘flew’ it off the end of the pier! Only way was DOWN…..