Here we are talking speed…

The ESAR mountain bike team was formed in April 2015. It was generously funded by Chelmsford Round Table, and the bikes were supplied at a good price by the Chelmsford Specialized Concept Store.

We have 4 fully equipped mountain bikes. Currently 4 members are fully trained to use the bikes for search operations, with others to be trained. We are looking to raise funds to acquire 2 more bikes, to enable two teams of 3 bikes to be simultaneously deployed.

Each bike costs around £750 fully kitted out

The bike team has many applications in ESAR.

Increased speed for route and path searches.

Quick reconnaissance of the search area to help inform the search plan.

Ferry equipment to and from the control vehicle to teams on the ground.

Cover wide open areas fast and safely.

Transporting team members to search areas further away from the RV point.